Boosting productivity with Raycast

Brendan Thompson • 25 March 2022 • 2 min read

Raycast is in my humble opinion the best piece of software released into the Apple ecosystem in the last 5-years. At first glance you might think to yourself how is this 700x400 pixel box going to change the way I work on a computer? This we will get to!

For me Raycast all started with a post on Hacker News:

Launch HN: Raycast (YC W20) – CLI-inspired desktop app for non-coding tasks

After this I applied for the Beta version of Raycast and promptly forgot about it. Scan forward a few weeks/months and I got accepted into the beta. Pretty much immediately my productivity had increased with one of the most simple features My Schedule this allows you to easily and quickly see what calendar events you have coming up and join the VC with the press of a button! To be honest, this was pretty life changing for me. As the months progressed the team over at Raycast kept delivering features and improvements and then last year a HUGE feature was pushed out with the beta release of their API. This allowed other developers around the world to build extensions and have others use them! There are numerous extremely good extensions that have been released over that time.

Brendan Thompson

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