Brendan Thompson

Contractor Cloud Engineer at Woolworths Group

I am an engineer, developer, speaker and author specializing in DevOps, Cloud-native solutions, Infrastructure-as-Code with Terraform.

What do I do?#

I am a Principal Engineer at Azenix (part of Mantel Group), based in Melbourne, Australia.

I grew up in the disgracefully hot state of Queensland and promptly moved down to Melbourne, Victoria in 2016 when I could no longer survive the hot sweatiness of Brisbane. Since 2021 I have been working at Azenix where I have been able to shape and drive the business to be a best-in-class Azure consulting organisation.

I love writing and talking about Infrastructure-as-Code especially Terraform as I think it has changed the world for a lot of cloud and platform engineers. I also believe it has brought Developers and Engineers closer together.

In recent times I have been diving headfirst into the world of Swift development, eventually, I hope to be able to produce some content around my learning in the area. I must also admit that I have a deep love for Golang and thoroughly enjoy producing things with it!


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