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Getting Started with Terraform Modules

The how, when, and why of Terraform modules. How to create modules and ensure you're setting them up for scale and ease of use, when to create a module as well as when not to, why using modules is important for consumable Terraform.

30 June 2022

There are a few features in Terraform post v1.0 that I have been hoping for, and they are finally here, mostly! This post will go through those features and how to use them.

14 January 2022

Kicking off 2022 with a bang, what I am starting with this year and some plants for the next few months.

26 November 2021

The standards I have used for a long time when writing Terraform code, they're ever evolving but also help ensure a consistent approach to Terraform.
Developing `for` and `for_each` loops in Terraform using my new provider terraform-provider-scratch, which easily allows for testing how your configuration interacts with the loops.