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What is Terraform state?

What is state, why do we need it and how does it help us
What happens when you rename a resource ID or turn it into a module or even a for_each? Terraform will try and recreate those resources, unless you perform surgery on your state files or use the powerful moved block!
Manage Azure Policy using Terraform with the terraform-azurerm-policy-initiative module. Using this module allows you excellent flexibility and scalability in your Azure Policy deployments. We will cover off using advanced looping techniques, sourcing from both yaml and json to provide us a robust solution.
Using the for expression in Terraform to filter, group, order and mutate information. With this knowledge in hand you will easily be able to construct complex objects based on existing information/configuration or from configuration passed in via input variables or ingested. Easily create multiple instances of resources or data sources using the for_each meta-argument.

30 June 2022

There are a few features in Terraform post v1.0 that I have been hoping for, and they are finally here, mostly! This post will go through those features and how to use them.

14 January 2022

Kicking off 2022 with a bang, what I am starting with this year and some plants for the next few months.
Developing `for` and `for_each` loops in Terraform using my new provider terraform-provider-scratch, which easily allows for testing how your configuration interacts with the loops.