Inspiration for writing my Working with Me page

Brendan Thompson • 1 October 2021 • 3 min read

A little while ago, I came across this fantastic post on LinkedIn talking about the idea of a Working with Me page. That post got me thinking about what it is like working with me and my different mannerisms and quirks. So, I started to understand more about this Working with Me concept with that in mind!

You can read my Working with Me page here, and feel free to give me any feedback around it too!!

From what I have been able to discern, the idea became popularized by Claire Hughes Johnson as part of a chapter/section she wrote in the book High Growth Handbook by Elad Gil. Reading Claire's working with me gave some fantastic insights into working with Claire, her approach and her management style. I continued down the rabbit hole and read a few more of these pages from different people to gain insight into what I could write on my own.

Now delving into my experience a little more, I struggle with doing any sort of self-reflection, so this was a difficult thing for me to write and is not perfect, so I hope to be able to improve this organically over time. I am the sort of person that doesn't think overly highly of myself or my abilities, that is primarily why I find self-reflection difficult, but as you can see by my Working with Me and this post, I am working on that!

One thing I noticed going through all of these pages was that each one had different sections/headers some of which I felt I would find helpful in mind and others less so. I ended up distilling the different headings from each of these (and some of my own) into a list. I felt these would be useful to me as well as the people that are working with me and reading my page. The headers I came up with were:

I believe that all of the above are self-explanatory, except for Miscellaneous. With this one, I decided to add in my results from a personality test that I did (16 Personalities). I found doing the test pretty valuable, and it did give me some insight into my personality, which helped in writing my working with me page.

Overall I enjoyed the process, and it allowed me to look inwards and identify the things that I am good at and the areas where I need some growth. Since writing this page, I can say that I have strived to improve on my growth areas, and I believe that I have genuinely made some improvements!

I would highly recommend everyone doing this, no matter if you're going to distribute it or not, it forces you to look at yourself and think, and I believe that writing one of these is a hugely positive thing!!

Brendan Thompson

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