Brendan Thompson

I am a Principal Engineer at Azenix, a company that is part of the Mantel Group house of brands. Currently living in Melbourne, Australia.

In my professional life, I enjoy working on Microsoft Azure, writing Terraform infrastructure-as-code, contributing to open source projects, and I am an avid gopher. In my personal life, I enjoy doing everything I do in my professional life and watching TV, reading, rollerblading, and playing video games.

If you're interested in learning more about what I have done in my career, then check out my experience. Feel free to get in contact with me via email or Twitter.

I have also put together a list of the hardware and software that I use daily, and you can check that out here.

Latest Posts

The cost of takeaway food over the pandemic

15 October 2021

A little dive into how much I have spent on takeaway food throughout the pandemic.

How to set Terraform backend configuration dynamically

8 October 2021

The different ways that you can set Terraform backend configuration, and how to do it dynamically.

Inspiration for writing my Working with Me page

1 October 2021

Self-reflectionThought Leadership
Where I got the inspiration for writing my Working with Me page, and that process.

Triggering Terraform Cloud runs from GitHub

23 September 2021

TerraformTerraform CloudGitHubGitHub Actions
A run-through of the two primary ways to trigger runs in Terraform Cloud from code that lives in a GitHub repository.

Getting started with Terratest on Azure

17 September 2021

A guide on how to get started with Terratest on Azure, helping confirm that your Terraform modules are working as designed.
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