2022, that's a wrap

Brendan Thompson • 24 December 2022 • 3 min read

2022 has been another huge year with tonnes of stuff going on! I would also say whilst it has been a good year there have been lots of changes, having some colleagues move on from work has been something of a challenge for me to deal with at some points. Overall the year has been positive.

Let's go through the biggest highlights for me of 2022!

Wrote 15 posts on my blog, including this one
Became a HashiCorp Ambassador
Mentored several people through learning Terraform
Became a Mentee to Lars Klint
Started down the journey to produce video content on Terraform
Started co-organising the Melbourne HashiCorp User Group
Attained Terraform Associated certification
Attained Certified HashiCorp Implementation Partner (CHIP) for Terraform
Got a puppy!

Now how did I go with my 2022 Goals you might be asking yourself! Well, let's find out! This year I had 7 goals that I wanted to achieve, and I was able to achieve three out of the 7.

All in all, it wasn't a bad year for my goals to be honest. There is plenty for me to work on in 2023 and with that here are my goals for 2023!

Brendan Thompson

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