Kicking off 2022

Brendan Thompson • 14 January 2022 • 2 min read

Well, we are two weeks into 2022, and the year is already off with a bang!

I took some time off this year and genuinely unplugged, except for my PS5. I was well and truly plugged into that! For me, it was fantastic to get some time off and spend it with family and friends without thinking or being distracted by work. I generally find it pretty challenging to disconnect like that!

My main focus for the first three months of the year are going to be completing the 100 Days of SwiftUI a challenge from Hacking with Swift, today will be Day 6 for me, and it's been an exciting journey so far. I am doing differently from what I would typically do in something like this instead of jumping ahead because I already know something but in a different language is letting it run its course and not skipping parts or jumping ahead. Once I have completed this, I aim to write a few iOS apps, and that is what is keeping me motivated.

I will likely blog a bit about this journey too! If you're interested to see how I am going with this journey you can check that out on my Goals for 2022 which I am updating daily.

As I mentioned in my Wrap Up post last year, I will be switching to a fortnightly release cycle on my blog. By doing this, I hope to produce some more in-depth content. I am sure, however, that there will be more than a few ad-hoc posts over the coming months.

The majority of posts I have planned for the first part of this year are all Terraform related, and a few with a focus on Microsoft Azure. This year, I would like to deliver a lot more into the Microsoft space to try and help those adopting Azure, especially with a Containerisation focus!

I am incredibly excited to see what this year holds and looking forward to producing some hopefully awesome content!

As always, if there is content that you would like to see me write about feel free to reach out to me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Email.

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