Today I Learned: Azure Function App support for golang

Brendan Thompson • 12 March 2021

After what seems like an eternity Microsoft has now released some level of support for writing Azure Function Apps in Golang. While this support is not as clean as it is for languages like C# or JS it is functional. The support comes in the form of being able to Function Apps with a custom handler, and not only does this allow for support for Golang but it also allows for support for Rust. Now While Rust is not my thing it is a good sign that we are seeing some progress from Microsoft in supporting languages that wouldn't usually fit it's MO. Typically Microsoft tends to focus on the more "enterprisey" languages/applications.

This in my opnion a really big step forward considering that the feature request has been in since 2016, Golang support for Azure Functions.

If you're interested in learning more about this or testing it out for yourself then there is a pretty good quickstart over at the Microsoft docs: Quickstart: Create a Go or Rust function in Azure using Visual Studio Code.