Today I Learned: Create things or perform actions from your browser bar

Brendan Thompson • 10 March 2021

A friend of mine, Cameron Huysmans from HashiCorp brought to my attention today that it is now pssible to create things, or perform actions/shortcuts from your browser.

This new gTLD is owned and operated by Google, and is akin to shortcut tools usually used within larger organisations. It is certainly something that is going to provide a lot of value for the internet community. As at the time of writing this registering a new domain will set you back A$720/year.

As an example if you were to put as a URL within your browser it will take to you to GitHub and step you through the process of creating a new repostiory.

There seem to be rather a few of these domains that have cropped up over recent times, below is a list of these that I find useful.

repo.newCreate a new GitHub repostiory
gist.newCreate a new Gist on GitHub
doc.newCreate a new Google Doc
deck.newCreate a new Google Deck

If you're interested in seeing a more exhaustive list of shortcuts available through this new .new gTLD Google has gone and put that together: