My Experience#

I am an experienced and highly driven engineer, drawing on 10+ years of industry experience from all levels and industries, which gives me a unique outlook on the client and internal problems. A keen understanding of cloud engineering, DevOps, automation, and containerisation coupled with experience gives me the necessary tools to deliver solutions and designs with my clients that continuously exceed expectations.

Analytical, detail-oriented decision-maker committed to quality outcomes, unique culture, and mentorship that inspires and drives those around me. Leading by example and applying the principles of engineering, morality, and professional practice. I am constantly seeking to evolve professionally and personally. I routinely push myself out of my comfort zone to drive self-growth.


June 2021 - Present

Principal Engineer

National Australia Bank

May 2019 - June 2021

Senior Cloud Engineer/Tech Lead

Working at NAB has given me exposure to multiple clouds and experience in an enterprise financial services organisation.


  • Cloud Platform Services is the centralised team that provides cloud services within NAB. This ensures that the services that are delivered, deployed and consumed within the bank are consistent and secure. During my time within this team, I drove the following:

    • Delivered Terraform Enterprise at scale, as well as continuous improvements to both the platform and the custom NAB Terraform module library.
    • Developed patches and improvements for upstream Terraform providers.
    • Guided and educated more junior Terraform and Azure colleagues.
    • Developed Terraform best practices and standards utilised within both CPS and consumption teams.
    • Worked closely with vendors such as Microsoft and HashiCorp to deliver outcomes.
    • Acted as a central team member in the delivery of an Azure platform using Terraform Enterprise to BNZ, a subsidiary of NAB. Including the up-skilling of their engineering team(s).
    • Worked with teams to facilitate service enablement and on-boarding.
    • Acted as an integral part of the M1K -largest Microsoft cloud migration project in the southern hemisphere- team guiding external consultants on Terraform practices within the bank as well as problem resolution and process improvement.

    TerraformMicrosoft AzureCloud Design
  • API Gateway

    May 2019 - Sept. 2020

    Whilst working within the API Gateway team, my main objective was to guide a team of engineers to deliver the bank API Gateway solution on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Doing so allowed the bank to have the same capability across its preferred cloud vendors.

    • Work with team to design a solution to deploy Kong at scale with Kubernetes, specifically Azure Kubernetes Services.
    • Design and write Terraform code to provision the Azure resources, as well as the Kubernetes resources within the AKS clusters.
    • Build-out automation for orchestrating Terraform open source using the bank's CI/CD technology choice, Jenkins.
    • Work with business and security stakeholders to ensure delivery of the project.
TerraformMicrosoft AzureCloud DesignAutomation Strategy


May 2019 - June 2021

Senior Cloud Engineer (Consultant)
As a consultant with LAB3 I work with many clients, my primary client is National Australia Bank as described above.


AusNet Services

I was part of the project responsible for deploying the API Gateway and management layer for AusNet Services.

  • Wrote Terraform code for Azure Application Gateway Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Azure Traffic Manager (TM) based on design.
  • Implemented automation for deployment of the WAF and TM using Azure DevOps.
During the proof of concept that LAB3 provided to Services Australia I was responsible for working in a small tiger team delivering an automated way of deploying OpenShift clusters within Azure. This automation used a combination of Terraform and GitLab CI.

  • Write Terraform code to deploy OpenShift clusters on Azure
  • Write Terraform code to generate projects, and automation pipelines within GitLab.
  • Extend the GitLab Terraform provider to ensure it exposed all required API endpoints.


Feb. 2019 - May 2019

Senior Cloud Engineer

During my time at Persuit I helped move the organisation off of Heroku and Microsoft Azure and onto Google Cloud Platform. This was driven by the fact that they operated in a cloud-native, container first approach. As they were a startup, GCP provided the best value for money.

  • Work with business and technology stakeholders to design and proof-of-concept a Kubernetes solution in both Microsoft Azure and GCP.
  • Implement the designed Kubernetes solution on the selected cloud -GCP- utilising Terraform.
  • Provide education and learning for the developers within the team on GCP, Terraform, and Kubernetes.
GCPKubernetesTerraformMicrosoft AzureGolangMongo


Nov. 2017 - Feb 2019

Senior Cloud Engineer
I was part of the Data and Decisioning team within AGL; this team was responsible for ensuring AGL had a centralised data store and decisioning platform where the business could get and make decisions for the customers. This platform was fundamental to ensuring that the customers' experience was positive and delivered personalised offers.

I was responsible for migrating a COTS application from a single docker instance solution into a scalable Kubernetes solution. This was done through the use of acs-enginewhich was Microsoft Azure's product for deploying Kubernetes onto IaaS servers. During this time, I worked with architecture, business stakeholders, and vendors to ensure the platform was running stable and scalable.
Microsoft AzureKubernetesTerraformPegaAzure DevOps

Telstra Health

Jan. 2016 - Nov. 2017

Senior Cloud Engineer/Tech Lead

Telstra Health (TH) motivated me to move back to Melbourne from Queensland. My main functions at TH were operating within the DevOps team on projects such as the Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA), and ReadyCare. These two products were released to the market to help Australia has become more technologically forward within the health space.

Once TH won the National Cancer Screening Register, I took on the responsibility of a Tech Lead to drive technology decisions and lead a team of people to deliver those decisions.

  • Work with the DevOps manager to devise and implement cloud strategy on Azure.
  • Work with Architects and business stakeholders on the delivery of the architecture and detailed design documents to the Federal Government for the NCSR.
  • Ensure the underlying IaaS machines were operational for our applications.
  • Create Cisco firewall requests and validate the rules were provisioned.
Microsoft AzureVMwareCiscoF5 BIG-IP